What Type of RV Holds Its Value Best?

What Type of RV Holds Its Value Best?


For many RV enthusiasts, purchasing an RV is a significant investment. They can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars to find their perfect home-on-wheels, but one question always arises - what type of RV holds its value best? If you are among those who plan to resell their RV in the future or want to buy an RV that can fetch a good resale value, then this blog post is for you! In this article, we will discuss which RV type holds its value best and why.


1. Class B RVs and their value retention

Class B RVs are also known as campervans. They are compact, fuel-efficient, and perfect for road trips. These RVs are usually built on a van chassis and standard features include sleeping space, a bathroom, kitchenette, and storage. Class B RVs are popular among those who like minimalism and have a small family. Class B RVs have lower depreciation rates than other RV types. Due to their mobility and need for less storage space, Class B RVs appeal to a vast demographic.

2. Class C RVs and their value retention

Class C RVs are larger than Class B RVs and come with more features, including more storage space, a separate bedroom, and an overhead sleeping area. They often have better insulation and are ideal for families up to six people. They are built on a cutaway chassis and have similar resale rates as Class B. Class C RVs appeal to a broad audience due to the variety of optional features and models offered.

3. Travel Trailers and their value retention

Travel Trailers are usually built on a chassis with wheels, and you can tow them behind your car or truck. They come in many sizes and have a variety of floor plans. Storage and sleeping quarters tend to be less than that of Class B and Class C RVs. Due to the price difference, travel trailers have higher resale rates than other RVs—oftentimes as much as 10% more. The affordability of travel trailers allows those on a budget to enter the RV lifestyle while still retaining good resale value.

4. Fifth Wheels and their value retention

Fifth-wheel RVs are massive and built to be parked for extended periods. They offer great storage and living space, including numerous bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas. Because of their size, they require a truck as a tow vehicle, but the added physical attributes come with better value retention—fifth wheels tend to have the highest percentage of retained value over time. Fifth-wheel RVs can often retain 60% of their value after five years.

5. Motorhomes and their value retention

Motorhomes are an all-in-one package. They come in Class A, B, and C sizes, and they can have all the features of a typical house. Many motorhomes are built on freightliner chassis or even bus chassis. As they offer all the interior features of a home, they have the highest depreciation rates. However, with proper upkeep and maintenance, they can still hold a decent resale value due to the appeal of their all-in-one structure.



It's essential to choose the right RV to fit your lifestyle and budget. From compact RVs to large 5th wheel trailer RVs, every RV type has its appeal for its different features. Class B and C RVs hold up better in resale value compared to larger motorhomes. Fifth-wheel RVs have the highest resale values of all RV types, while travel trailers offer the best bang for buck. The most crucial thing to do, regardless of which RV type you choose, is to keep it well-maintained and properly stored when not using it. If you're looking for an RV park in Pleasanton, TX, contact David's RV Park today to book a reservation.

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