Keep a Green Thumb By Gardening on the Go

Keep a Green Thumb By Gardening on the Go

Even though the ground is always moving under your quarters, you can still grow a garden while you're on the move. So here are tips from experts at our RV park near San Antonio, TX, to keep your driving hand connected to your green thumb.

Think Small

When you exchanged your sticks-and-bricks house for one that explores the world, you likely felt the downsize pressure. But owning less room doesn't imply you have to give up gardening. Etch out a small selection of prized real estate on the kitchen counter for a three-pot herb garden. Here are some excellent, uncomplicated herb choices: basil, cilantro, rosemary, parsley, oregano, thyme, and sage.

Check with a local nursery about watering needs; remember, these plants adore sunbathing. So be sure to push them into a sunny location so they can accumulate between four to six hours of sun per day.

Indoor Garden Apparatus

Hydroponics is a fantastic solution for those individuals on the go who want to add occasional homegrown alternatives to their dinner plates. And gardening definitely meets the 21st Century with countertop terrariums.

Vertical Planters

What do you get when you cross a hanging shoe organizer with a couple of seed packs? A garden you can grow on your limited wall area.

Amazon can also provide various online prospects for gardens that defy gravity, including a 7-pocket Waterproof Indoor Vertical Planter. These planters allow you to bring all the advantages of homegrown produce directly into your home, including fresher air and cash savings.

Container Garden

If you're pursuing a more bountiful yield, consider a container garden. Alternatives abound online, with RV gardeners employing standard storage bins or affordable five-gallon buckets. Check out Pinterest for numerous ideas. To keep container weights low, consider substituting the traditional stone substrate layer with foam chunks. This minimizes the quantity of soil required for your portable garden. Then, when it's time to load up and head out, you can haul your container garden in the RV's shower, tub or sinks. Remember to return the garden to the fresh air and sun as quickly as possible. Consider an ornate container garden if you travel less often (once monthly or less).

The RVing Farmer

If mobile gardening does not satisfy your hunger to grow, contemplate calling a farmstead your home for the season and labor in exchange for complimentary or reduced site costs and connect with organic farms across the nation.

Insider Tip

Consider contacting host farms by way of Harvest Hosts Membership ( Harvest Hosts links RVers with farmsteads and wineries nationwide to supply free overnight lodging. Sending e-mails or staying at a few Harvest Hosts sites with your RV may be an excellent way to discover a short-time gardening job to satisfy your need for seed.

The fact that you're constantly moving doesn't mean you have to pass up your love of cultivating. From large to small, there are numerous ways to integrate a garden into your RV lifestyle.

Use these suggestions for keeping your thumb green during your RV travels. Contact us today if you need an RV park near San Antonio, TX.

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