Four Tips for Keeping Your Credit Cards Safe on the Road

Four Tips for Keeping Your Credit Cards Safe on the Road

The joy of RV travel comes from discovering something new around every bend on the highway. But, sadly, sometimes those wonders can mean flat tires, mechanical issues, or something more ominous that must be handled immediately. Taking adequate measures to safeguard yourself from unavoidable bumps and detours means maintaining a plan for everything, even the unpredictable.

Credit cards are a valuable asset to an RV traveler, but it's essential to use them wisely. Employ this guidance from experts at our RV park in San Antonio, TX, to guard your sensitive, confidential financial details and your physical credit cards while traveling on the road.

Keep Things Simple

There is no reason to carry all of your credit cards with you when you travel. Instead, only carry a debit card so that you can access cash and two major credit cards allocated by different banks. Keep these cards with you at all times, but not in your wallet or handbag. A money belt is an affordable accessory that supplies a secure second location for your credit and debit cards.

Make sure your cards with you are held in a secure, sealed location. Make locking up your cards part of your departure ritual. Don't hold them loose in a drawer, folded into other papers, or in thoughtful spot thieves could quickly locate.

Keep Pristine Copies

Security professionals agree that everybody should maintain a file with copies of all their credit cards' front and back. Ensure the card and toll-free customer service numbers are legible on the documents. Keep this file in a protected, locked area in the RV, independent of any credit cards you have locked in the automobile.

If a card gets lost or stolen, or someone takes a picture of it, contact the card issuer directly. It's also a terrific idea to ensure all your credit card firms have your cell phone number as the direct contact, so they call you if they notice suspicious activity on your account.

Safeguard Card Details

Credit card bandits don't have to swipe the physical card to access your account, so avoid passing your credit card details to anybody. Also, be careful that nobody takes a picture of the card when you use it, and never enter credit card details when utilizing a public WiFi network.

Protection also means remembering your PIN instead of writing it down and ensuring no one watches you enter the number during a transaction. Be cautious when fueling your RV. Crooks are known to put skimming devices on credit card readers at gas stations. Scrutinize the reader before swiping a card. Go to a different gas station if something appears unusual.

Save Your Receipts

Transaction receipts are necessary, too. Review them before leaving the store or stall to be sure the payment charged is the amount you consumed. But, of course, never autograph a blank credit card receipt.

Remember to treat your receipts as privileged information. Do not hold the receipt in the bag with your purchase. Instead, instantly put it in your purse or money belt, not with your credit card. When back in your RV, store all receipts in a safe location to have them on hand in case you need to communicate with your credit card company.

Follow these tips for keeping your credit cards safe while on the road. And contact us today if you need an RV park in San Antonio, TX. We want to be your home away from home.

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