Four Holiday Survival Recommendations For Full-Time RVers

Four Holiday Survival Recommendations For Full-Time RVers

Just because you have the privilege of traveling around the country doesn't mean the holidays won't result in stress or tension. Whether it is from outside or we apply it to ourselves, there are practices we can use to focus on what the holidays truly mean. Experts from our RV park in San Antonio, TX, there are few things unique to life as a full-time RVer. Attempt these suggestions for enduring the holidays from November to January.

Plan extended stays

Many full-time RVers stay somewhere between three or four days to perhaps a week, while others stay for a month. Around the holidays, try to stay in one place longer. Fewer checklists, less fuel, and more reasonable park rates will all help relieve frustration. Also, placing temporary roots allows you to put up some holiday decorations, which will help get you in the holiday spirit, and you don't have to put them up and down immediately. Instead, sit a while and enjoy them.


The holidays are often about spending time with friends and family. Try to distribute your stays among a few buddies and relatives that are fairly close to each other but for quicker visits. This way, you can spend the holidays with loved ones and avoid overstaying your welcome. But you can likewise not be worried about holiday budgeting, and you only need to prepare a holiday meal in your RV if you choose to. Just offer to bring a pastry or side dish to the celebrations.

Have a party

Parties can cause stress, but not if you do them right. Throw a party in the RV park and invite outside buddies and relatives too. Offer verbal invitations to people you have encountered in the park. Or be bold and post a sign in the laundry area or activity center.

Let your park host know your plans and allow them to help spread the word. This is a wonderful way for people away from their family and friends to celebrate the holiday together. Tell everybody to bring a side dish and a Christmas tree ornament they usually have during the holidays. You provide the main course (pick it up pre-made if you aren't a chef or prefer not to) and a little tree set up outside. Just keep it uncomplicated and allow everybody in the park to help with the fare and décor.

Have a virtual gift swap

When you can't be there in person but still want to have a gift exchange, don't worry. Instead, have an online gift swap like White Elephant Online. You won't need to buy presents ahead of time. When you enter a game, you only present a gift to play. This means you require a link from any object on any site. If you already have a present at home, that's okay too. You will upload a picture of it. When the gifts are "unwrapped" via the game, the game will display the name and photo of the gift for everybody to see. After the game ends and you know who won your gift, you can go ahead and buy it from the merchant and send it directly to the winner.

Try these holiday survival tips for full-time RVers. Contact us first if you need an RV park in San Antonio. We want to make you feel at home!

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