Fast And Easy RV Hacks

Fast And Easy RV Hacks

Over the years, seasoned RVers have developed many varied quick tips and tricks to make life on the road simpler. Here are some favorite go-to RV hacks and improvisations from experts at our RV park near Pleasanton, TX.

Hanging shoe organizers

Hanging shoe organizers are amazingly adaptable space-savers that immediately convert any unused wall into an assortment of convenient vertical storage pouches. In the shower, each pocket can carry shower gel, sun lotion, body wash, shampoo, razors, nail brushes, and more. Of course, you can always cut hanging shoe organizers into sections if you prefer to move a few pockets somewhere else, too. For instance, keep toothpaste, combs, mouthwash, and floss outside your immediate shower area.

Stockings or Hosiery

For outdoor fixtures, suspending a bar of soap in pantyhose or a sock within reach of your faucet means you won't need to carry it there and back every time. In addition, the soap produces excellent suds from inside the fabric, so there's no reason to remove it to wash.

Cleaning Clothes

If you don't have washing machine access, one of the most practical ways to wash clothes by hand is to employ a bucket and a sink plunger. Half-fill your pail with water and detergent, then use the plunger to push soapy water through your fabrics, making for a surprisingly efficient washer. If you have to get back on the road before the clothing dries, shower stalls are perfect for hanging them. (We advise employing an extendable tension rod over the tray instead of overloading a weak shower curtain rod.)

Medicine Dispenser

Use a plastic medicine dispenser with numerous compartments to store essential capsule medications like aspirin, antacids, allergy capsules, and vitamins. Label each section clearly before dispursing from bigger bottles and packages. Employing brand names or logos clipped from packets is a suitable method. You can then employ double-sided solid tape or self-adhesive Velcro to mount the dispensers to walls or the interior of cupboard doors for fast and easy access.

Cupboard Containers

Food storage is particularly challenging, so bypass the cylinder-shaped containers when possible. They squander lots of cabinet space. Instead, place all dry goods into rectangular or square containers to ensure that every open inch is used. It's easy to locate larger square Tupperware for bulk goods, like cereals or sugar, but you may need to be creative for more minor things, like spices and herbs. Tic Tac containers are one extremely innovative approach we've witnessed for storing herbs on the go.

Motion-Sensor Lighting

Battery-operated motion-sensor lighting can be affixed to the interior of cupboards, pantries, and other dim storage areas, so they automatically brighten the space you're attempting to see when you open the doors. In addition, they're inexpensive to purchase, usually have a self-adhesive pad for effortless mounting, and don't require wiring.

Oven Heat Distribution

RV ovens are infamous for uneven cooking, but putting food on your pizza stone or thick, unglazed ceramic tile before putting it in the oven to bake, can perform miracles in distributing heat better. (Always let the ceramic cool before washing, as hot stone submerged in water will break quite dramatically.)

These are just a few quick and easy RV tips and tricks we wanted to share with you. Contact us today if you need an RV park near Pleasanton, TX.

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